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Deadly Sin 2-Reflections after playing the game

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Deadly Sin 2-Reflections after playing the game

by over_cloud9 » Fri Jul 02, 2010 1:20 pm

:wel: Welcome to the reviews of Deadly Sin 2! Be the first to share your reviews on this game.

Phil fortunately allowed me to play the beta version of this game,which I haven't completed yet as I'm going crazy fixing bugs in my own upcoming game,but I must admit that it surpasses the quality of it's predecessor Deadly Sin.Deadly Sin 2 is not a story sequel to the first one,it features a completely new story with more depth and and attempts to cover the deficiencies of the first game.There's mouse control introduced now and the graphics are awesome and so is the music.There is music for every mood and situation.A lot of animation affects has been incorporated in the game,you can clearly see that in the game page video.This gives a realistic touch to the game progress.
Though the random encounters still persist and is annoying,but the monster node gives us relief and now it can also be reactivated after you turn it off,a new addition of feature so as to say.The battle system is worth watching as I always liked front view battle systems.Now the battle features the general four character team unlike Deadly Sin which had five.This allows more room for space and thus the character graphics are larger and more animated.It's he usual turn based with the looks and layout completely customized,easy to use and attractive.The sprites are not the usual chibi as one expects to see in RPGmakerVX games,but are custom made.Unfortunately I haven't proceeded quite far in the game,so can't comment anymore but with the little that I've played,I can vouch this game will be a good experience for players.Enjoy! ;)

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