Rainblood-Town of Death (English)-Review

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Rainblood-Town of Death (English)-Review

Postby over_cloud9 » Fri May 07, 2010 7:10 am

:wel: Welcome to the reviews of Rainblood-Town of Death (English)!

I finished the game yesterday and I must say this game is not for children or the weak hearted :secret: !It's short but very engaging.It features a very challenging game play with a heart wrenching story.I was simply bowled over by the original hand drawn graphics by Soulframe,the developer, and giving the game a complete new look compared to the traditional RPGmaker XP games.The price doesn't really reflect the amount of hard work and original artwork that went into the game.Quoting Soulframe-
"Although it is crazily hard worked... the price is just to let more people see and play the game, because the story itself is more praised than the graphic(at least for the 3 years in China) "

The story was a huge success,which speaks for the 3 million copies that was sold in China.The battle animation was awesome and ...a bit bloody.There's a lot of cartoon violence,which is why it is not recommended for the casual gamers.There are also some side quests,though you can't track them using a journal or something.And the random encounter can be frustrating sometimes.But each monster fight needs strategy to be employed if you wish to win; and the reward for defeating them is cool with lots of XP,items and gold.There was also mini puzzles in the game but they were difficult to solve at once.Some game elements like 'where to go now ' or 'what to do next' can be a bit difficult sometimes to find out totally on your own.But being a veteran RPG player,it wasn't difficult for me at least :razz: .Most importantly the story will not let you rest or get away because you'll always feel 'what will happen next' kind of an excitement,something which are rare these days in games.

There are some snippets of humor thrown in here and there to lighten the gloomy environment of the game.For example-
"Tu"-Do you know the name of this cliff?
"Soul"-Yes,it is the 'Soul Shaterring Cliff'.
"Tu"-So lets do some Soul shattering now..
(then a fight commences between 'Tu' and our protagonist 'Soul').

The original game was in Chinese and the game has being translated from Chinese to English due to numerous fan request.I'm sure you will thoroughly enjoy the game unless you are seeking perfection in english.Happy gaming!

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Re: Rainblood-Town of Death (English)-Review

Postby rifle100 » Sun Jun 27, 2010 8:00 am

though i am kid, but i still managed to play the game :secret: XD

the game is really awesome! and the main thing which attracted me in the game, was the graphics! i have never seen, such beautiful graphics ever! the story was really very meaningful and was deep and also very promising. The musics were awesome, and unique. the battle system was just great, which cool status effects. :tu: the beginning was different,and the boss were hard to defeat. the only thing, i didn't liked on this game,is to level up a lot. the normal enemies were itself tough to defeat sometimes! there was a lot of violence in this game, but fortunately, i wasn't so nervous seeing these XD this is the first game, i played with one character fighting, so, i was really challenging! :yay:

i would really like to thank soul frame, for his hard work,and it was excellent! :prft: :bravo:
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