Purchase Policy

Over Cloud 9 respects your privacy and considers safety of your personal and payment information to be the first priority. We want your free download and purchase experience to be easy, fast and good! That’s why we ensure the following-

Privacy: None of your information like name,credit card details,email,contact number,etc are disclosed to any third party under any circumstances.Your information is safe, spam-proof and secret.

Safety: All your payments are processed through 100% secured and safe game registration vendors who are either PCI certified or Verisign approved and utilize SSL validation for secure payment transaction.So your payment is fraud-proof and safely protected.

Shopping cart: We host games with a variety of payment registration vendors like Plimus, BMTMicro, BigFishGames,etc who offer absolute security of your purchase information. BMTMicro has inbuilt shopping cart system where by when you click on a product, your order is automatically added to their shopping cart. So even if you leave that page and select other games for purchase (only if they are using BMTMicro), they will be automatically updated on your cart where you can manually remove them also. Unfortunately we still don’t have a shopping cart system for Plimus and BigFishGames yet.

A variety of modes of payments:  Choose any of the ever growing list of different ways to pay for your favorite game- Credit Card,PayPal,Switch/Solo/Maestro,Wire Transfer,Phone,Fax,Mail,Check (USA),Money Order and many more!

Refund on dissatisfaction: Most of our vendors support 30 days money back (refund) policy, which can differ for each products. The refund policy however depends mostly on the developers who may wish to know why you may not like their game. Your feedback on our products is very important as it helps us make better games.

Unlimited game play instantly: You can easily choose to receive your games as an instant download, on a CD-ROM, or both. If you’ve downloaded the trial version,then you need not re-download it again. Simply unlock it with the license key and start playing the unlimited full version instantly.

Prompt after-sales support: If you are facing any trouble while playing the game, technical glitches, bugs or any other problem, you can email us immediately at [email protected] for a prompt resolution. You can also join our forums to receive help if you are stuck in the game. In fact, most of the RPG games featured here have a walkthrough, which will guide you through it.

Download:  Please note that except for games developed by us, we merely post the game details of the games by other developers. We do not make those games and cannot be held responsible for the content as we are mere mediators. We make sure that all downloads (demo and full versions) are safe and free of virus and malwares. However if the downloaded game contains anything objectionable or potentially harmful, please notify us at [email protected] . The developer of the the said game reserves all rights to change, modify or correct the game or compensate for any damage caused by his/her product to the customer.

If you have any queries, problems or suggestions before or after purchase, please feel free to send it over at [email protected] or fill up the contact form below. We’ll get back to you promptly!




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