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Addicted to RPG


The fever of RPG games started ever since I played Aveyond 2 for the first time.I remember googling ‘games similar to Aveyond’ in most of my spare time then.I did happen to come across many such RPG games in the process.
Last year I thought of writing my first walkthrough on any RPG game.And the first one to come up in my mind was Eternal Eden (because I was playing it at that time :) ).After that, there was no looking back…That walkthrough brought an invitation from Gamezebo to write for them.But due to tremendous pressure of handling my job and delivering walkthroughs on time led me to discontinue working with them.Commitment is important for me,and I was embarrassed as how to couldn’t perform as expected.My personal life also faced a lot of torment at that point.Eventually I left the job also and started Over Cloud 9.Well the website was a continuation of my RPG walkthrough blog and some people who know me from the past mistake it to be a blog (technically it is as it is hosted on wordpress,but not in terms of an entity anymore).I don’t mind as long as they find it helpful :) as that is what it is meant to be.And now I’m full fledged into Over Cloud 9!

Before I joined my last job,I tried my hands on RPGmakerVX.It is a nice engine to work with even at the beginner’s level.Even though I have an engineering background,I hated coding.So I lost my interest soon.It requires great deal of coding I guess if one has to produce some original work in RPGmaker.But even then I couldn’t completely detach myself from it…

Recently drawing avatars/facesets of RPGmaker games re-ignited that flame.I’m drawn especially to drawing the Manga or Animes and found good tutorials on it.In fact there are so many free but useful resources on any subject on the internet.If not wholly,but at least those does impart some good knowledge in whatever you are working onto.Yesterday I was practicing drawing an anime face.Well I don’t want to embarrass myself by putting up that picture here.I would never unless I feel confident enough in drawing Anime faces.It reminded me of my good old days when I loved drawing.I want to culture my lost habit of drawing now,whenever time permits.I just want to go back where I once belonged-in my dream world.

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“Addicted to RPG”

  1. On May 16th, 2010 at 1:53 am Danniel (D-Squall) Says:

    I started to get addicted to rpg with my brother, since I was 7. XD

  2. On May 16th, 2010 at 2:05 am over_cloud9 Says:

    I wish we were blessed with a computer at that age :(

  3. On May 16th, 2010 at 2:24 am Danniel (D-Squall) Says:

    Don’t be sad, I gained my pc on 2008.

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