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Discovered my stalker….


For those who had read this topic ,will understand what I’m talking of.I discovered the one, who posed as a threat at that time, just a month back but I’m writing this now because at that time was I was busy in getting the essentials of my game done.But let me share this interesting story with you friends.Most of you might end up not believing it,some bored because it’s long and detailed…but if you have observed and studied human behaviors and it’s peculiarities at any point of your life,you’ll understand what I’m talking about.

I won’t name the person nor disclose his identity as he is a good person…must sound strange because he threatened my project and everything and caused me to lose sleep at that time.But in reality,how a normal person can become a threat is something that is worth interesting here.And after realizing ‘why‘ he did that,my reaction was more of a surprise than of shock because I couldn’t believe that he could do this for a reason like his.And the truth is he didn’t confess it,I just discovered it.I don’t even think he even realized that I had discovered the truth.But I know that it is true.And facts abide by that too.But before I start narrating how I discovered it and why did he do all that,I need to replay a little bit of back story from my life so that you can understand what is happening. Read the rest of this entry »


Serious threat-please help me friends


This had been bugging me for few months.Someone copied my facebook profile information and created a fake account in impersonating me few months ago.I notified facebook about it and they deleted that fake profile.

Now some “well wisher” of mine (at least he/she says to be that) has been randomly posting obscene comments in my website.I don’t know whether this person is the same person who stole my facebook information or not.Fortunately I can moderate my comments,but he/she is growing to become a major threat.From what he/she wrote,I think he/she knows me.I don’t know why he/she is doing this,but if I keep ignoring,he/she will soon become a major threat.I don’t remember harming or doing anything bad to anyone,why does these things happen to me?Oh god,I’m trying my best to recuperate from my recent break up,I don’t have enough strength to go through these crap. Read the rest of this entry »