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A Sirius Game is out!


A Sirius Game has been released on 18th of January. I was busy doing marketing stuff, so could not update my blog. My testers had done a great job and I would thank all of them again :)

The sad thing is, I didn’t know that 18th was a blackout day of the internet due to SOPA and PIPA protests. The press releases didn’t see the light of the day in most websites. :(

So I will be sending out the promotional stuff again this week. Let’s see how it works out.


Siriusly almost there!


Aaaaaaaaand we are almost there! No siriusly! We thought that our game will be complete by November end, but the smaller tweaks and fixing is eating up a lot of time. I have been so busy that I could not even send newsletters this month. Hopefully by this week we shall be able to complete it and then start the beta testing. Beta testers who are interested can keep checking the newsletter, twitter or facebook where I will announce when the testing starts.

I am apprehending a small delay in between because I will be going home for a few days as my mom is not well. Overall, by December I am hoping to release my first 3D game- A Sirius Game. Here are a few in-game screenshots I thought of sharing. I would be happy to hear your feedback! :D

Click to enlarge-

I would also like to thank the artists who have let me use their beautiful artwork for the character backgrounds- thd777, Gurgur and pk87.

I have been thinking of releasing this game on Steam, though it is a difficult feat to accomplish. And I have a strategy for that- As per Steam’s FAQ, there are two ways to get accepted by Steam. And I am opting for the second one which is much safer and probable. Though I am not that big on game reviews, I need to get some really good reviews for my game from players and other eminent game websites and some decent sales to make them even consider my game. For that, it will take us a wait period of 3-6 months depending on how fast we get reviews. So lets see how things go, I shall keep my fingers crossed. :)


A Sirius Game


Seriously…we found a name for our game. Ship adventures game is now A Sirius Game, where Sirius is the name of the protagonist. And no, it has nothing to do with Sirius Black. ;)

By middle of November we plan to start the beta testing, which we shall mail to our newsletter subscriber and announce in our forums for tester sign up. Here’s a peek at the title image of the game -

And the loading screen of the game turned out really nice. The models, land, trees, etc in the image below are from the game. So I thought of putting it up too! :D

That’s it for now. Once we have completed the game, we shall be putting up the screenshots of it when we launch testing. Feel free to leave your feedback, we would be happy to hear from you.


Ship Game adventures- update 3


We got some character art done for the ship game-

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Second Game project- a non RPG


I think you might have noticed that I’m not blogging too frequently. Blame that to my new work atmosphere at Bangalore! There are so many interesting stuff and I am spoilt for choice as to what to do and which one should come first. While I am still struggling to put Arevan on BigFish Games (their QA is quite strict and takes time), I have started working on the GDD of my first 3D game. The game draws it’s inspiration from Tradewinds Legends, though the underlying principle is different. I shall post screenshots when I have something ready. I am going to take care of the 2D graphics, game design and marketing while the 3D art, sounds and development is going to be conducted by our partner Phantasm Games Studio. This going to be my first 3D game as well as a non-RPG. Which is why the game’s IP will be that of Phantasm Games as we publish only RPG games at Over Cloud 9. The game will be featured at our site because it has some partial RPG elements like quest system, battles, etc, but primarily will belong to my partner’s website. The project is coming along quite fast, and the artwork and development is already in the process. The GDD is almost complete, I am working on the the dialogues currently. I will try input some outrageous humor like you might in Pascal in Arevan :P . Apart from these, I have too many other plans on my mind. Like working on my 1st 3D RPG game which is coming next to this project, starting a marketing service for indie developers, researching on indie problems and coming up with solutions to those, etc, etc. The latter is going to be continued to my 2nd part of the ‘Life of an Indie series’.

This is all for this time, I might have a couple of random funny updates following this one. So keep checking back. :D


Arevan is OUT!


Ah sorry for late posting…I couldn’t manage time since Arevan’s release yesterday. Check it out-

Arevan: The Bitter Truth

Finally, delivered the baby (read Arevan)! Whew! Haven’t slept for ages…feel like going into the ‘hibernation’ mode or sleep for a century! The phase-based testing was a success! Caught all the major bugs…bugs kept cropping up at each phase. In fact the testing stretched to 4 phases and I would like to thank all my testers who did an AWESOME JOB! I’m so happy to have found them ^_^

Also I need to get the official strategy guide done in two weeks because I promised to do so. You must have noticed that I  also changed the looks of my site. Well after my web designers ditched me :( , I had to take up things in my own hand. And I’m glad that I did because I would have never realized that a little bit of tweak here and there can completely change the overall look (saved me money). Bought some images from Vectorstock, did some mixing and matching in photoshop and Voila! I hope you like the new layout <3 Read the rest of this entry »


Game almost complete!


Sorry for putting up a hotch potch of news together every time rather than sticking to the topic :P . But like every time, I’ll do that again ^_^ . So before I move on the Arevan, I’d like to announce that we got a new logo last month! Things kept me quite busy, thats why couldn’t update at that point. Here’s our new logo, tell me how does it look like ;P -

You won’t see this logo right now in our website mainly because I’d like to introduce it with the new website look. Like I said last time, we’ve changed our servers…but with a side effect. Few of our page updates and forum posts vanished during that process :(  . We got new website designers who are working on the new look of the website and I was thinking of releasing the game only after the website is completely overhauled. A new beginning to everything…

Oh! Coming back to the game…Arevan is almost complete now. The game will be up for beta within a day or two. I’ll put it up in Arevan’s forum, so you can check it out when it gets updated. Rifle100 shall do the primary level of testing to catch the basic bugs before it is up for others (and more because I can nag her constantly which I cannot do to other members ;) ). So that may take up a day or two more. Then once the testing starts, the forum will be locked for hiding game related spoilers from other members :P Read the rest of this entry »


Asguaard walkthrough now goes official!


Indinera(developer of the game) liked the free walkthrough that I had written for Asguaard and proposed to make it an official strategy guide! So it would be available at $4.99 from now onwards both at Aldorlea and at Over Cloud 9.I know it may disappoint some of few who like my free walkthroughs.But it will justify my hard work and the 3 months of my time spent into it.Those who got it for free the first time,if you think that the walkthrough had really helped you playing the game,you can buy the walkthrough as a token of your appreciation.I’d be really grateful :) .There are many more updates that I have to tell you friends.But for today let it be this much.