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Small update


The game progress has been halted because my laptop is giving me troubles :( .When I bought it three years ago,it was shipped with original Vista.But few days back suddenly a pop up comes up saying ‘Activate license’ and the wall paper turns black with this thing written in one corner of the screen-”‘This copy of Windows is not genuine”.I was shocked because in these years it didn’t give me any operating system related troubles.I spoke to the people at the service center,they said I have to submit the laptop and the recovery DVDs there for them to check.Now I won’t be able to work for around a week :( :( .Very disappointing…but at least I can complete the dialogues of my game in my diary.Ok ok I admit I have to put things into pen and paper because I’m not left with any option.I’ve got to visit the internet parlour to check mails,so won’t be able to reply to mails as promptly as I used to.

But there’s a good news amidst the bad ones,my boy friend patched up last week.I’m so happy…ok lets not elaborate it but definitely it is a certain boost to my motivation.Now I can work with twice(may be thrice) the energy and inspiration I used to invest in work.

I’m unable to write walkthroughs at this point because it is becoming difficult to keep pace in both.As I tend to be a bit nit-picky about perfection,I thought it is better that I do the Myth Xaran walkthrough after completing the project as the outcome would be complete and hand crafted with care.Rebecca has been very cooperative in supplying me the maps and most importantly tolerating my delays with patience :) ,I’ll surely not disappoint her.

What else…umm…oh my graphic artist dumped my project.If I wished I could easily put up the excerpts of his mails here to show how rude people can be to small developers,but it would have resulted into a bitter spat.I don’t want to pose as a vulnerable developer being wronged by some villain artist,but definitely he had no reason to leave the work in between and brazenly admit that he doesn’t regret leaving $15-$20 work per character for $50-$60 per character commissions.If he wasn’t that interested in doing small commissions,he should have mentioned it in his profile or refused to take up my project at all.Now I’ve wasted my money behind 4 characters and the rest are undone.I can not use these as there aren’t any art work for the other characters.Neither can I use them if I hire someone else because the new artist’s drawing style will be different from his,so there will be anomaly between the artwork and they won’t look professional in a game.

Talking of struggling,I’m tasting every bit of the experience of being a small developer.Seriously there are so many hurdles to cross with your upcoming project,especially if thats your first work.Daniel was right,I should use the default RTP in my first project instead of hiring any artist.That would not only save me money,but also save the problem of running behind the artists who don’t care unless you are some big company.And the game making part has it’s own challenges to offer-bugs,map making(which can become tedious and boring sometimes),etc.But life is not a bed of roses,so each experience is enriching my life.Making me stronger to face bigger challenges in near future.

Anyway,I’d be going to the HP service center today at 3 P.M to submit my laptop,so friends please bear with my belated website updates or delayed replies to your mails.

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