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Completing the game little by little


Hiya friends! As I was going through some of my older blog post, I recognized an unmistakable tone of whining in them….the realization became more clear because I had been reading Juuso’s blog  and that he discussed with examples how the game developers are master whiners LOOOOOL! It was a good and funny read and I was alarmed by the fact that I’m becoming one that perfectly fits into this definition! So I instantly thought of focusing on the positive things in life - for example zombies can’t eat cheesy pizzas but I can! And that I can poke and disturb my sister to wake up from sleep but she cant’ (mainly because I wake earlier than her Muahahahaha), and so and so forth. I was amazed by the mood lift I received on thinking how I had an advantages on many aspects of life like these and that definitely contributed to some intense working last few weeks.

Now I’m pleased to announce…well..several things. Our game title screen is ready and I created a new page on Arevan in facebook two days back. Take a peek at Arevan’s fan page to see all the characters and the title screen images. And the main story progression and quests are all implemented in the game, with a couple of side quests remaining. Testing bugs is a crazy,tedious and annoying experience…but I managed to do it anyway :D . Lately I’ve been receiving immense help from a couple of people and that is really speeding up the work and making it better and better. Niki had been awesome in creating the amazing title screen, captions and characters..she had been an all rounder hero in the graphics part! Deity created the map menu HUD script which can be used with the mouse and is taking a look to make the quest journal and menu options screen to respond to mouse clicks (earlier it responded only to key board controls). Rifle100 is making the maps of the insides of the houses (may be because whenever it comes to mapping, she hates the look on my face and fears I’ll leave the game incomplete if I had to do any more mapping). She’s also eagerly waiting to beta test it and warranted that she will come up pointing errors even when none existed. D-Squall was a bit afraid at first coz he was all new to testing, but later on agreed to beta test. And Phil said he would beta test my game just because he wanted to reciprocate heartily to whatever crappy lectures and marketing strategies I gave him on promoting his game in the extra ways LOOOL! I didn’t realize that I can sell my “brilliant crap” well until he admitted it :) . I’m so happy that I’m not alone anymore and managed to get some help on finishing the game.

Okay now with the game itself, currently I’m doing the puzzles and honestly they are the best part of the development. Rifle100 has come up with many wonderful suggestions on how to make the puzzles more interesting and while we were brain storming about what new features would make the puzzles different from other RPGs and the game play interesting and exciting, she came up with —FOOTBALL! Yes! She also told that the world cup has just ended this year and has been very animated with colorful incidents, Paul the octopus, Shakira,etc etc,so they should become a part of the football puzzle. So here it is- a football match puzzle featuring celebrities-

Well..well it’s better not to divulge much into it. I’m sure you’ll enjoy playing the football puzzle with Kaka, Messi, Ronaldo! There shall be two more ‘different breed’ of puzzles -one a game of pool and the other chess. I’ve yet not decided how to implement the chess though because not many know how to play it. So I’ll try keep it simple and easily comprehensible. I hope I’ll be able to implement the pearl hunting mini game also after doing all these, lets hope time doesn’t become our tyrant.

I plan to make different types of puzzles (well as many as I can possibly think of) in the last three dungeons as they are supposed to be the most difficult parts in the game. My aim is to make the game enjoyable to all types of players-easy goers and the challenge lovers. So those who hate puzzles can also skip it, I’ve set that option for every puzzle. And the same goes for boss battles, you can skip to the story if you don’t want to fight them  or get defeated every time. Implementing the battles will be taken care of at the end,so for now after the puzzles and minigames, I’ll complete the mapping and tie the loose ends of remaining side quests. So folks, leave your feedback on the title screen and the characters if you are on facebook. Thats all for this post!

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“Completing the game little by little”

  1. On July 23rd, 2010 at 9:23 am Juuso Says:

    That’s the most awesome looking soccer scene I’ve ever seen.

    Video coming soon?

  2. On July 23rd, 2010 at 9:36 am over_cloud9 Says:

    Yep, planning to make a video after the game is almost 80% complete coz I need to cover many things in that video ;)

  3. On July 23rd, 2010 at 1:50 pm ERNIE Says:


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