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Serious threat-please help me friends


This had been bugging me for few months.Someone copied my facebook profile information and created a fake account in impersonating me few months ago.I notified facebook about it and they deleted that fake profile.

Now some “well wisher” of mine (at least he/she says to be that) has been randomly posting obscene comments in my website.I don’t know whether this person is the same person who stole my facebook information or not.Fortunately I can moderate my comments,but he/she is growing to become a major threat.From what he/she wrote,I think he/she knows me.I don’t know why he/she is doing this,but if I keep ignoring,he/she will soon become a major threat.I don’t remember harming or doing anything bad to anyone,why does these things happen to me?Oh god,I’m trying my best to recuperate from my recent break up,I don’t have enough strength to go through these crap. Read the rest of this entry »


Villain Development of a game


This is what I wrote to one of my friends when I was describing about my upcoming project.It’s about the character development of ‘Villains’ or the so-called ‘bad guys’.

..My villain isn’t a central character,but an important one.often the people whom we think as our hero do not have the talents or capabilities of what the villain has.If the negative character is all powerful,then he has earned it either by sheer talent,leadership ability or money power.and in either cases he deserves it because it was ‘he’ who earned it.a hero is often born from the necessity to finish the villain,not as a rising star itself.The so called ‘good’ guy comes only when there is a ‘bad guy’.there is no good guy that is as good without a bad guy.even if you see in the real world,the same applies.if someone has earned some fame in anything,that is because he has brought about a change in the world in some way.that is relieving us from our problems,or bad conditions or a new hope of living.so if there weren’t any negative conditions or bad guys in life,there would never been any good guy or good things.because we perceive light only when there is darkness… Read the rest of this entry »


My RPG game project


Ok friends,I admit I’m bad at blogging.I often stare blank at my laptop’s screen thinking what should I write…I’m worse at twittering,for which, you won’t find many tweets in my account.It’s just that I don’t know what to write upon.There are so many things happening and there’s much to say,but little time can I find to express them.

Anyway,coming back to the context,I have a game project coming up in RPGmaker VX.I thought of keeping it a secret until I’ve progressed sufficiently, but thought of spilling the beans eventually.The story is set,the only thing now I need is to squeeze some time in my already crammed up schedule for development.It’s getting difficult doing the balancing act between writing walkthroughs,doing reviews,updating new games,website maintenance and now my own game project. I’m seriously looking for someone who could do the maps for me.It would save me a great deal of time and effort and the project will turn out faster.If any of you are interested,then please mail me at [email protected] . Read the rest of this entry »


Addicted to RPG


The fever of RPG games started ever since I played Aveyond 2 for the first time.I remember googling ‘games similar to Aveyond’ in most of my spare time then.I did happen to come across many such RPG games in the process.
Last year I thought of writing my first walkthrough on any RPG game.And the first one to come up in my mind was Eternal Eden (because I was playing it at that time :) ).After that, there was no looking back…That walkthrough brought an invitation from Gamezebo to write for them.But due to tremendous pressure of handling my job and delivering walkthroughs on time led me to discontinue working with them.Commitment is important for me,and I was embarrassed as how to couldn’t perform as expected.My personal life also faced a lot of torment at that point.Eventually I left the job also and started Over Cloud 9.Well the website was a continuation of my RPG walkthrough blog and some people who know me from the past mistake it to be a blog (technically it is as it is hosted on wordpress,but not in terms of an entity anymore).I don’t mind as long as they find it helpful :) as that is what it is meant to be.And now I’m full fledged into Over Cloud 9! Read the rest of this entry »


Speed up a wordpress website


This is my first time tweaking and optimizing a website and its proving to be interesting every day.Sometimes my walkthrough writing is entirely paused due to this.Powering the site with wordpress made things really easy.I didn’t know that the average page loading time can affect google rankings and even drive away visitors.Since then,my main concern has been optimizing the image size,image loading,reduction of javascripts and plugins dependant on them and moving them to the footer.There were many helpful resources on editing the htaccess file(I was quite jittery at first) and the entire process was a cake walk.With the loads of things I’m learning everyday on website optimization,I may soon start my own ebook on this topic :P .There are a gamut of website which have self help tutorials to assist noobs like me to tweak website and wordpress.I’ll list a bunch of the most useful links at the end of the post(it might help others who are absolutely lost like I was when I started).This helped me add many tit bits that could help the pages load faster.However,this is not enough.There are many new things that I plan to add,but not sure whether I’ll be able to handle so many things in so little time or not.Thinking of coming up with a BigFish games mini store to cater players who may like to ‘taste’ games other than RPGs.With the new year coming forth,I wish there were 48 hours in a day to finish everything I planned! Read the rest of this entry »


The new website launched finally!


Ah,I did it finally today!Launched my first website powered with wordpress.Wordpress really made my job easy with its themes and plugins.I could customize my site without any basic knowledge of CSS.Took me 9 days to design everything and put it in place.The forums,customization,creating new images in photoshop…all by myself making the task really difficult and tedious.Google saved my face,where I could dig tons of resources to help myself with.It’s a shame to admit,but being an IT engineer I just hate coding and programming.Which is why it took so much of time to give the site the look I wanted to.I’m loving this experience.Too many things to do,so little time…I’m very hopeful with the response I got from my previous blog which was only one month old.So the best thing was to shift it on a hosted domain where I could add many useful resources for RPG gamers and developers alike. I’ve got to update a load of new features and I’m all geared up….ending my post abruptly for now..


About me


Thought of making a detailed intro….Though I’m often stuck blank wondering what I should be writing about my self,I fairly managed this time to compile my likes,interests,etc and general profile here.

I’m born and brought up at Kolkata(India), near college street, a popular hub for bookworms like me.I did my schooling from Loreto school and finished my engineering in IT in 2007. Read the rest of this entry »

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