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Game progress report 2


I would rather call my general update than game progress update as it contains more of my blah-blahs than game related news.Yet…

Finally I have been able to proceed to a part where I’m satisfied,if not happy.There is a lot more to finish and I’m not content with my pace of progress.But they say ’slow and steady wins the race’…

As far as the story part is concerned,almost 50% is done.But,but,but…there are a few side quests left,the insides of the houses of most towns are not done yet,only two and a half of the 8-9 dungeons are done (yeah didn’t put too many dungeons in here as I’m not the all-battle person) and most importantly the battles are totally left out as I told I’m going to take them up at the end(i.e. after completing everything else).I’m still not sure whether I should include the puzzles as I thought of before because that may increase the time required to complete it.Don’t know what will be the finished product like,but being cranky about perfection may slow down the process.I’m really concerned as to how casual gamers will take the story,because we all have our own likes and biases.Not everyone may appreciate it if they judge it morally or normally…but it’s a story that is all I can say…and based on true emotions.

Anyway,I was expecting the character images from my new artist this week so I delayed the posting of this issue in my blog.But I don’t know when I’ll receive them due to some unexpected circumstances.The sketches were awesome,but I’m not very happy with their coloring.And I’m really afraid how the reaction of my artist will be after seeing my feedback(I mean she may be disappointed seeing I didn’t like the first set).I don’t want another Skyzen episode repeated considering it not only wastes time and money but also very demoralizing.He was really angry when I said that I did not like one of his colored characters and that I was enough to turn him off!You might be surprised to hear this,but it’s true that small,indie developers have to depend on the whims and fancies of the free-lancers and their personal problems rather than see whether we are happy with their work or not.Not that I don’t understand personal problems,but it’s just that some free-lancers don’t appreciate commitment and their responsibility towards the client’s satisfaction.I’m ready to listen to all their demands and give-in,but is it a crime to expect that they should also fulfill my expectations?Some of them are even reluctant to make changes,not because they can’t do it but because they don’t want to do it!So the completion of my project depends greatly on how fast they submit the artwork,also how satisfactory it is.But the current artist is not like Skyzen and we really stroke a good rapport fortunately.Let’s see how the final outcome is like.I also may have a custom title made instead of trying my hands at photoshop if funds support.God I guess you should have created me as less nit-picky or less cranky.It really hampers my own work,too much of perfection is bad for the project’s health.And the sad thing is that I’m limited in a few respect where I thought some changes might improve the finished product and I can’t implement them due to my restraints :( .

I don’t have a clue of what I’m blabbering about,but there are a mix of things that is not happening as expected. I guess I just vented out this multitude of unrelated,half-spoken-half-contained thoughts in a frenzy because I had no where to whine about it :P .I’ll put up the character images as soon as they are finalized for the project(won’t repeat the mistake I did while working with Skyzen by putting them up before all of them were completed and he left in the middle of the project).

I’m concerned for not being able to concentrate on writing walkthroughs as I’m totally absorbed in my current tasks.And as Over Cloud 9 specializes on walkthroughs,I’m afraid players might stop coming here when they see no new updates are available on newer walkthroughs :( .But I’ll put up newer games every week like I do always as they don’t consume as much time as walkthrough writing does,so that people will be busy with newer releases of RPGs.And if any of you find any broken links or irrelevant links(like Game A’s link directs to Game B’s page instead of Game A),please notify me.Sometimes,over-working takes toll on my level of alertness and eye-sight.I was already embarrassed by SpiderWeb Softwares for wrong linking of their game purchase link with another game’s link.Thank god they brought it into my notice but they were annoyed :( .

Can’t say when will I post the next update,but I hope it will be soon.At that point I may also be able post a few screen shots of the characters in action in the game with some dialogues.So stay tuned ;)

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