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Finally..a sneak peak at the game


Finally I have progressed to a satisfactory extent when I can show you some screenshots, sneak peaks and the introduce to the story of my game.Though normally I discuss everything here,this time I have posted the game snapshots on the main site for others to view it as well.Here’s a link to that page- http://www.overcloud9.com/games/our-games/arevan/

You can discuss what you think about the game in the forum or in comments here,whichever you wish.As this is my first game,I thought my customers deserve a treat in here.So I have launched a “Customer Loyalty” program which offers to offer this game for free to our recurring customers. To view more information about it,click here.

And I have another small news-we’ve launched a newsletter system by which we can keep you updated about the latest games releases,updates,etc at Over Cloud 9.I’ve planned of setting it up as a monthly notification service whereby one can receive a summary of the games and walkthroughs released on the end of each month.If you wish to subscribe,visit this page. Let me see how I can keep up with that.I’ll remain crazy busy this week as I have loads of pending stuff to finish and speed up the development process.By the way,I have received all my character images from my artist Niki,and they are beautiful.Niki has become my sweetheart,she did an awesome job and will be working on our title screen from this weekend.What else?…umm…nothing more for now,got loads of stuff to take care of.

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