Developer Tools

We have arranged for some facilities for the developers in our own small way so that they can use them to create games,test it,find relevant resources or promote their game.And all this is for FREE.

Game Softwares: Dreaming of creating role playing games? Lets turn it into a reality! Check out these easy-to-use-without-much-programming game engines and softwares and start creating your own games.

Beta Tester’s Guild: Now you need not wait for experienced testers to respond,you can readily contact them from our Beta tester’s guild via PMs and have them test your game.Though we don’t charge anything for that,the tester’s may or may not have remuneration preferences.

Sell our games: Become our affiliate and earn handsome revenue by selling our games in your website.

Submit your game: Now you can submit your role plying game created on any engine in our collection easily.Check out our submission guidelines and submit your games easily.We’ll put up your game in our games collection for our players after reviewing.

Our Partners: List of our partners, developers and associates with whom we have worked jointly or have business affiliations.

Game Resources: Though we don’t promote any particular site specifically,this is one very cool site we found(PanzerFlakes,click on the link ‘Game material’ to visit) and you can get all your game design needs like graphics,artwork,textures,sound and music packs,etc at affordable rates whether you are a casual indie developer or a big company…and with care and loads of prompt support.You’ll also fall in love with their sense of humor and friendly atmosphere.

If you have any questions,suggestions,queries,etc,simply fill in the contact form below.We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.




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