Unemployment Quest

Inspired by the experiences of an educated, unemployed youth, it mixes real-life challenges with the tropes of retro role-playing games. You get to try every trick you know in order to get the job of your dreams…Click here to read

Unseen World-Magical Lense

Unseen World-Magical Lense

Unseen World – Magical Lense, is a family friendly RPG, with elements reminiscent of the classic Earthbound, or Zelda games!Take the role of Kumiko, a 12 year old girl, who receives a broekn gift on her birthday from her Grandmother! She determines to fix it with the help of her friends, but they soon discover that this gift is not just any gift, but a powerful magical item, that can transport her to a different world!…Click here to read



Rumors go around the land that a great evil has risen on an old abandoned graveyard near the city Dolbrad. Dead are walking around the place killing anybody who try to explore secrets of the tombs. You get control of the party of hotheaded adventurers, who start twists of erratic events with just one unwise bet…Click here to read


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