What is an RPG (role playing game)?

What is a Role Playing Game (RPG)?

In simple terms, Role Playing Games (RPG) are a broad family of games where the player (‘YOU’) assumes the role of a character from the game and starts a journey/quest fighting his way until he completes it. An RPG is a refreshing change from the usual adventure, puzzle, strategy, hidden object or match three games because these games contain games within games. Yes! Each RPG is different and has different flavors of entertainment featuring puzzles, battles, adventure, match three and other elements in each yet retaining the independence of the RPGaming. In RPGs, you are given a main quest at the beginning of the game (as per the story of the game) which you have to complete by choosing decisions as and when they appear, fighting and looting enemies, leveling up your characters to face difficult enemies, talking to other characters in the game (Non Principle Characters or NPCs) and much more. An RPG’s story plot, categories and game play vary from game to game; your choice of decisions in the game changes the entire story or course of the quest. To know more specifically the different types of RPGs, read this.

Where do you play them?

You can play them in game consoles like PlayStation,  GameCube, Xbox, PlayStation 3,  Wii or in your PC as well. Games featured at Over Cloud 9 are playable in PC as computers and laptops are very common amongst players and its easier to play these games both at your home or office or anywhere where you have a PC ,computer, laptop or PDA. Role playing games are also sometimes browser or flash based; in fact the list is endless and to know about it visit Wikipedia.

How do you play them?

Let me demonstrate with an example of a popular PC RPG- Aveyond Lord of Twilight

You start the game,and you are immediately in charge of the character you are going to control-Mel. The game forces her to begin her a quest to free the world from the dark clutches of a vampire Gyendal who is about to succeed in his evil plans. You discover slowly by talking to the NPCs how you can stop Gyendal and some more friends join you to help you in your quest. Thus you proceed along the game, deciding what you’ll do at intervals, collecting items that would help in your quest and fighting dungeon monsters on your way to achieve your goal. Finally you conquer Gyendal by doing whatever that is necessary to stop him.

This was a particular example,other games story and progress may vary in different games.You can read more about these here.

Try an RPG

Finding these games interesting? Why not start playing one? If you are new to RPGs, we recommend that you play Aveyond Lord of Twilight first as it is the most easiest to play and comprehend, and you’ll also find a ready walkthrough for it. For more advanced players,check out collection of some of the best hand picked Role Playing Games here.

Play other exciting games

If you like to try other PC games for a change from RPGs,visit Over Cloud 9’s extensive casual games store to try games ranging from adventure, strategy, time management,puzzle,  hidden objects, arcade, board, cards, match three, mahjong,  word and many more.


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