Tales of the Drunken Paladin

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Developer: Drunken Paladin

Tales of Drunken Paladin:Book 3

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File size: 317  MB

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System requirements: Minimum:Microsoft® Windows® 2000 / XP / VistaPC At least 256MB of system RAM,300MB available hard disk space.

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The storyThis is the most updated version of the game with two expansion packs included. A few years ago, in the entirely fictional kingdom of Maine, a political band of foreign diplomats seized control of the throne and began manipulating the current king in power. Plundering Maine’s rich economy, this mysterious organization was eventually found out and expedited viciously by a small force of totally radical warriors, chief among them the protagonist of our story: Anebriate.

Order was eventually restored to the kingdom, but the riches lost could not be recovered. Totally unrelated, Anebriate became absurdly wealthy and spent his days loafing around in his house, drinking himself into comas and picking fights with local shopkeepers.

This story begins upon the eve of a series of catastrophic events which will lead to Anebriate suffering the loss of his vast wealth, his house, his memory, and subsequently, his impressive skills. This is a tale of recovery-not just the recovery of monetary concerns or memory, but also the recovery of lost humanity.


1) Literally THOUSANDS of events with which to interact, all promising unique and sometimes profitable features.
2) Optional characters spice up dialogue and provoke decisions which may alter the results of your game.
3) Optional hidden bosses are a tough challenge but give rare, often one-of-a-kind treasures. There’s even an angry potato boss!
4) Look at the world differently depending on the time of day. Dozens of time-specific events are happening all around you!
5) Tons of side-quests and mini-adventures distract the protagonist from his goal, and give fun prizes or even money!
6) Hundreds of unique weapons and armor are found throughout the game, making character customization thought-provoking and interesting.
7) A bizarre and one-of-a-kind story line takes the player through an interesting and comical series of events unlike any other.
8 ) A side-view battle system complete with “ATB” and unique character skills, as well as a range of hilarious items with which to sustain yourself in brutal combat.

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