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System requirements: Minimum: Windows 9x/2000/ME/XP/Vista/7/Linux (using Wine only)
145 MB of Hard Disk Space
DirectX v7.0 or later
Pentium 200mhz equivalent or better, 32MB RAM, 4MB Video RAM
Desktop Resolution 1280×1024 or lower for Full Screen Mode

Game content:

Family friendly game

A puzzle from the game:

The story: The mighty and merciless Cirigoth Empire seeks dominion over the entire globe, and it will not be long before they succeed. Soon the kingdom of Seraphia, the last free land of the west, will fall to the Cirigoth’s puppet state Tyr-Anon, leaving only the divided countries of the east unconquered.

Trouble is brewing within the vast lands of the Cirigoth Empire, however, as an organization known as the Valiantide continues to generate sympathy and threatens to spark armed rebellion. A Blackguard Knight, one of the Cirigoth military elite, has also turned traitor and escaped pursuit.Despite the immediate danger posed by the Valiantide, the emperor’s advisers have convinced him to continue hunting vigorously for the fugitive soldier.

The fate of the world may be decided by which side the Blackguard fights for, but the agents of the Cirigoth are closing in and time is running out for him to reach safety from the impending shadow. The game sports innumerable attractive features which would consume the entire space here if mentioned.Play to know more about them.


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Free walkthrough:Download the walkthrough to get help while playing the game. It’s a 793 KB PDF file. It was created by the members of the Everlong forum for the game ver 3.0,so the newer version of the game may have some changes in it. The bits and parts of those information were compiled into a PDF by over_cloud9 for player’s convenience. Credits to the authors are mentioned in the guide.View the walkthrough by clicking on the button below or download it directly from here.

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