Arvale II: Ocean of Time

Developer: Jaybot7

Arvale II: Ocean of Time

It’s a free game

File size:10.3 MB

(the source code and manuals are available on the download page)

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System requirements: Minimum:

O/S: Windows XP/Vista/7
Memory: 128Mb RAM
Available Hard-Disk Space: 100Mb

Game content:

Family friendly game

The storyArvale II: Ocean of Time is another award-winning, epic Role Playing Game, just like the other Arvales! But THIS game contains over 40 hours of gameplay, 8 immense continents, more hyperboles, 325 maps, 445 monsters, 400 items (including more wheelbarrows!), more typos, and Two thousand laughs!


  • Engage in an even more Epic Story involving Time Travel, Gods and Goddesses, and the Fate of the World.
  • Explore even more of the vast World of Arvale by traveling to eight different continents, packed with villages, castles, forests, deserts, dungeons, swamps, jungles, rain-forests, and many more locales.
  • Unlock more secrets of the past, by solving puzzles in Ancient Temples and Dungeons.
  • Choose more of your own destiny on which paths to take in the story.
  • Travel across the world even more with 4 different modes of transportation: by land, by sea, by air, and through time.
  • Talk (or Speak!) with any of over 500 colorful Non-player Characters you meet to learn about the world.
  • Fight against over 445 different Monsters and Enemies.
  • Interact with even more tons of objects from gold-filled chests and cryptic doors, to antique books and mysterious wheelbarrows.
  • Rescue more Fair Maidens, recover Lost Artifacts and Battle with Evil Villains.
  • View more intriguing Cut-scenes that unveil the alluring story.
  • Navigate more unknown territory with a brand new instant-map feature.
  • Enjoy over 125 sound effects that accentuate battle hits and give ambiance to the environments.
  • Venture on more than a multitude of Side-Quests (for the Overachieving Heroes).
  • Vivid, more Colorful Graphics, consisting of over 3000 Beautiful Graphical Elements.
  • Listen to even more of an Amazing original Musical Score with over 65 minutes in a total of 27 Soundtracks.
  • Feel more ambiance of different environments with weather effects like rain, fog, snow, and more.
  • Challenge yourself to more with three different difficulty levels.
  • Multiple Endings determined by your decisions in the game


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