Sword and Feet: Quest for Love

The story: Based on School of Sword as the action part, this game is a fantasy tale of eight brothers finding their brides in the world full of orcs and skeletons. Besides the action part, where you will now face multiple enemies and use magic as well as your sword, you’ll also travel through the land, and storm orcish lairs as well as the ladies’ hearths.

It’s important to go through the in-game help in order to understand the gameplay.

Game control:

Travel: mouse or arrows to move.

Combat: arrows to cut/block different directions.

Use mouse wheel or a,s keys if you want to dash aside.

Mouse click or ctrl to change the opponent.

Hang on friend! The game is a 2.3 MB flash file,so it may take some time to load depending on your internet connection speed.You’ll not regret this waiting phase once you play this wonderful game!

You may seek game help from other players by posting your comment below.


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