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Game content:

Family friendly game

An Introduction:

The story: Erin is a young woman who is studying at university and enjoying just a normal, down-to-earth life. Little does she know that this thursday morning, as she entered her boyfriend’s room, all of this is going to change!Her boyfriend, Terry, wanted her to just watch him as he listened to a tune. He said it will be a special experience. She said he should stop joking; but as he insisted she gives it a try. After all, it’s only wasting a few seconds of time.

Terry puts his headphones on. The next moment - the bedroom no longer exists. Erin has entered another world. She can only call out as she sees Terry across a bridge from where she is standing just moving away from her. Further and further away. Then, she is alone with nothing around her.

What has happened? Will Erin pierce the secret of Dreamscape? And will she ever find Terry again?

* 4 modes: Ataraxia, Utopia, Dream and Nightmare
* Lots of Goodies to discover
* Loads of Awards to obtain
* 4 hidden characters and 1 secret world
* Multiple of worlds and places to discover
* Exciting and funny quest with delirious characters
* Face the dangerous Dreamlords, their minions the Dream Catchers, and their rivals the Renegates
* Awesome musics and artworks from the Millennium award-winning team
* Enter the imagination of everyone you meet.

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Walkthrough: The official strategy guide for Dreamscape is now available for $4.99 only! It contains -

*Introduction to characters and items
*Annotated maps with arrows
*Full, detailed walkthrough of the game
*Solutions of the puzzles and riddles
*Boss weaknesses and strategies

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