The Spirit Engine 2

Developer: Mark Pay

The Spirit Engine 2

It is a free game!

File size:210 MB

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System requirements: Minimum:
Windows 98/2000/Me/XP/Vista is required.
A 1.2Ghz processor with 512 mbs of system ram is recommended.

Game content:

teen content game

Game trailer:

The story: This is the sequel to the first freeware game -The Spirit Engine.The game takes place in Lereftain, a country under a tenuous peace treaty with the neighboring nation of Yaegara. The continent of Medea is ruled over by the tentacled, psychic Rakari, who are accepted by most humans, including the Lereftese Parliament, but held in suspicion by some due to their mysterious motives. The Rakari also function as a peacekeeping force by removing criminals from the population and rehabilitating them. The three characters are brought together after witnessing an unexplained murder by a cult called the Keepers, and set out to discover the Keepers’ motives. In the process, they discover a plot of political intrigue that threatens to send the two countries to war.


*An extensive plot spanning nine distinct chapters.

*All new and improved original graphics. Simple yet effective new effects, including parallax scrolling and screen-shake.

*The introduction of something sorely missing from the original - difficulty levels! Play at a level to suit you and either lock it there or feel free to change it as and when you like.

*An improved real-time combat system which builds upon the simplicity of the original. With an improved interface, greater control over characters, combat speed options and action synchronisation controls to make battles more tactical and more fun.

*New game combat mechanics such as automatic character recovery, party chains and combination strike damage bonuses.*New, varied character skills to play with, including targetted attacks and debuffs, and a whole host of crafty, unfriendly creatures to use them on.*A vast stock of equipable items with new abilities.Screenshots: Click on the images to enlarge

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Free walkthrough: Not available yet.

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