Dream Endeavor

Developer: Dancetyger

Dream Endeavor

It’s a free game

File size:189 MB

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System requirements: Minimum:

O/S: Windows XP/Vista/7
Memory: 128Mb RAM
Available Hard-Disk Space: 100Mb

Game content:

Teen content

The story: Flayde’s planet is slowly dying…nothing lives forever. The dying cries of the planet have attracted something…an evil entity only known as the “World Warden”. It travels throughout space searching for dying planets. When it finds a planet, it begins to “devour” the planet, absorbing all technology, all life, and anything else on the planet. The planet will cease to exist…like it was never there.

It’s coming…and before you it…it will be too late. How can Flayde and his friends fight against something they don’t even know is coming? Can they stop the World Warden’s rampage through the sea of stars before it is too late?


-8 playable characters with unique personalities…for the most part.
-Optional fights with rare enemies…they might have good loot! There are also super bosses and optional areas too!
-Of course there are ultimate weapons. Try to find them all! It’s not hard!
-Over 15+ hours of game play.
-Interesting references to other games as well as jokes…adds a little humor.
-This game is by no means a “cakewalk”. It may seem easy at first but the difficulty ramps up later in the game.


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Free walkthrough: Not available yet.

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