Mists of Naladia

Developer: DarkHaloMists of Naladia

It’s a free game

File size:61.8 MB

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System requirements: Minimum:

O/S: Windows XP/Vista/7,
Memory: 128Mb RAM,
Available Hard-Disk Space: 100 Mb

Game content:

Family friendly game

The story: Long ago, the world of Naladia was of three races, the Dragon-kin, the Mystics and the Humans. The Humans took up the majority of the world, ruling five of the Seven Kingdoms. The Mystic’s were very intelligent and great mages and architects, making many of the buildings and structures for the other races, but they kept the best designs for themselves.

The Dragon-kin, if you haven’t already guessed by their name share a special bond with the dragons of Naladia, the Dragon-kin’s population is very small and they fear that because of wars between the Seven Kingdoms they will soon die out, many Dragon’s have been imprisoned and forced to work as so called “War Machines” in the wars. The wars are a terrible and what used to be a large number of dragons, has dwindled to that of just five, each being kept prisoner by a certain Kingdom. The Dragon-kin wish to free these dragons before they pass on to the next life. So they sent one of their own, Virgil, to rescue the dragons. Virgil is, even though she doesn’t know it, bonded to the last 5 dragons, if they die then she will also. So the Elders of the Dragon-kin tell her she must rescue them all. Mists of Naladia jrpg is expected to be around the 5-6 hour mark in gameplay.

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